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Success Iceberg Goodie

Cover showing Success Iceberg

In heart month February and in March I am offering a little free marketing tool to my network:
The labemi Iceberg of Success with visible and invisible attributes in a custom made version with your company name and logo. Choice of a meme and a print version.

Deutsche Version hier.

How to benefit from this offer

There are three ways to get your individual Success Iceberg image:


If you have a profile on the business network LinkedIn, perform the foll0wing steps:


Wenn du bei Facebook ein Profil hast, dann geht es folgendermaßen:


Dependening on the current situation you will receive the image file within a couple of hours or days. If you already are part of my network but don’t need this service I’d still be happy if you like or share this post for the purpose of networking. 🙂

Thank you so much!

It’s understood this service is only within my available resources and nonbinding. I reserve the right to decline orders without naming a reason.