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(Head Turning) Perspectives

Delivering perspectives visualised!

I recently did a visualisation of a man standing in front of the Swiss Matterhorn and this famous mountain turning head down. I am using this retouched photograph (from the cover of this article) as my winter profile cover image on various social media platforms.

Attempt on showing my skills on providing new perspectives.

Being a creative mind

Now, what happens when a creative mind is suffering from a little insomnia? Give that illustration a little movement and show the actual delivery of new perspectives!

The result of a play time with my mobile phone using the gopro Splice app, doing a Ken Burns effect overload on an image and adding some nice Hans Zimmer score:

Animation of the illustration shown above using just a smartphone app, Ken Burns effect, and a score from incredible music artist Hans Zimmer.

Perspectives Matterhorn Credits

The media for this creation of showing new perspectives are coming from two sources

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash.

Title is Mountains by the incredible Hans Zimmer.